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Innovating and defining the business of mobile commerce, mobile payments and mobile retailing. September 9 & 10th
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The 5th edition of Mobile Money & Apps LATAM 2012 (formerly Mobile Commerce Americas) will analyze the role of each player of value chain: financial institutions, mobile operators, banking and credit issuers, retailers and merchants, developers of mobile apps, platforms providers, integrators, etc. The conference will explore the real extent of the integration of mobile commerce with geolocalization, advertising and marketing, through the the deep knowledge of the consumer.

Mobile Money & Apps LATAM will allow you to understand why sectors such as retail are becoming a key partner to find and capture the consumer in real time and generate business models and promising partnerships within the mobile commerce chain. It will allow you to evaluate and anticipate the changes in and joint ventures which will define the present and future of the business.

The development of mobile applications specifically geared toward this vertical of the mobile industry will be have its own standing in this seventh edition. The importance of developing products with payment tools integrated to the mobile applications will be crucial to push forward mobile commerce and online purchases with mobile. The Gartner Group predicts that in the year 2014, there will be more than 7 billion downloads of mobile applications from retail stores.

Nevertheless, business barriers are still delaying its growth. Trust issues, maintaining privacy and fear of fraud are examples of barriers that will have to be overcome in Latin America. Regulation and standarization are also important aspects for the optimal operation of the business. These are important topics that will be addresses at MMAP 2012.

The mobile payments and mobile commerce business is continuing its ascending path in Latin America . With each step new players, partnerships and challenges are appearing, displaying and claiming their participation in this vast market, which already has important initiatives and projects in the medium and long term in the Region.

According ComScore more than 10% of mobile phones owners have already made payments using devices.


  • Achieving the next level of consumer engagement and the development and implementation of omnichannel strategies.
  • Debate the full spectrum of advanced mobile commerce and mobile retail services in LATAM markets
  • Learn about mobile wallet and micropayment systems initiatives that are making inroads in Latin America
  • Case studies from the innovators themselves about their rollout and execution plans in emerging payments and financial services
  • Learn about the strategies and roadmaps for financial inclusion and bancarization implemented by key stakeholders in the evolution of mobile money in LATAM
  • Legal and regulatory navigation kit for emerging payment businesses in main LATAM markets
  • What are the killer in-app payments for advanced commerce and financial institutions
  • What innovations and technologies in payment and digital money will flourish in the Regions’ mostly prepaid markets


The consumer is once again the starting and arrival point for launching and enhancing technologies, business models and strategies possible in Latin America. Leveraging an increasingly mobile customer, is the spearhead to any organization looking to position itself in the payments, banking and money transfer industry.

Mobile apps, mobile couponing, mobile ticketing, loyalty programs, price comparison, communities and social networks are some of the tools which are already being utilized in Latin America, and not only are monetizing this business but also

are generating future business which would only will be possible by enhancing industry partnerships and customers loyalty. Juniper Research says that in the next 4 years the couponing mobile business will reach $43 billions by 2016.

And 85 % of the most important retailers said that the mobile commerce is a goal for this year, according to Retailing Group.


Why you should attend if you are…



  • Because you will learn about the new developments and operator centric strategies which will allow you monetize these services, and identify the keys to implement and take advantage of operator billing role.


  • Because you will be able to identify the opportunities for partnerships and to implement new payments solutions. You will learn from the experience of institutions which are already offering financial inclusion, mobile banking and other mobile financial services.


  • Because you will find in the same place the potential value chain partners who can help you expand the business and take advantage of access to .


  • Because you will meet face to face with the main regional financial institutions and payment services providers searching for new avenues to integrate their tools into their mobile app without intermediaries.


  • Because you will know how to situate your company and plan ahead and adopt innovations in payments and merchandising with the mobile phone. You will be able to recognize consumer habits and exploit them in order to ensure you acquire the true value of mobile commerce and retailing sectors.


  • Because you will be able to offer your products and services to the Latin American operators, financial institutions, app developers and mobile commerce senior executive decision makers, and you will detect their necessities in the medium and long term.


  • Because you will meet the main regional executive decision makers and you will be able to position yourself in the business while taking advantage of your access and distribution provider and point of contact to limited resourced clients.


  • Because you will meet regional colleagues and learn from their projects and experiences and regulating their environments, which will allow you build your regulatory base in mobile commerce and banking.


  • Because you will know how integrate advertising and marketing to the payment market using mobile apps and NFC in the near future. You will also detect and know the real potential of advertising, commerce and marketing based in localization.


  • Because you will know about the latest developments in mobile apps which can help you to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer original local alternatives; and to strengthen links with operators and other members of the value chain.
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